AMA Sonata Rhine River Cruise

IMG-20150530-00191Amsterdam Rhine River Lock

River cruising.  I always thought it would be a nice way to see the countryside of Europe but….  would I not be the youngest?  Would I feel out of place?  Would I have to go out shopping for fancy clothes?  I would prefer to be a bit relaxed.

Well I am sailing this week on the AMA Sonata and these questions have been answered. Now, at just over 50 I am not a minority.  Yes there are elders but there are many that are my age and younger!  It is a very nice surprise.  I am meeting a new friend at every turn.  We sit with someone new at each meal and we see them over and over again.  Some I know will become life long friends.

The dress on board is as relaxed as you wish to make it.  During the day it is all very casual.  This cruise so far has not been the warmest but you layer on and off and we have been just fine.  The evening dress has been a mixture.  Some prefer jeans and dress down.  While others feel more comfortable in dress pants, capri’s, dresses and dress it up a little bit.  I did not need to shop for clothes that I did not already have in my closet at  home.  Now that does not mean that we shouldn’t shop just for the fun of it!

I have cruised many Ocean Cruises and I do love them!  But a River Cruise just has a much more relaxed feel.  I will update you on some of my favourite memories of my Rhine River Cruise experience!

Talk to you soon!

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