Cruise Cabins

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Choosing the best cabin and location on the Ship.

There are pro and cons to each location on each ship.  Some of us make the choice based on the best price of the cabin.  However, many of us choose the best location of our stateroom that will give us the best holiday experience.Inside Cabin 5

You have your inside cabins that are the best value because there is no view and they will normally be a little bit smaller than the Ocean View or Veranda Cabins.  However, there are some ships with Royal Caribbean that do offer a view with their inside staterooms.  On their newer ships Royal Caribbean offers staterooms that overlook The Promenade or Central Park or Board Walk, which is the interior of the ship.  So you receive a view – it just isn’t of the water.  Their newest Innovative concept is on their newest ship – The Quantum of the Seas.  She offers the first Virtual Balcony in an Interior Stateroom.  Imagine looking out at the ocean from floor to ceiling from your inside stateroom! WOW!  These rooms are very unique and not found or duplicated with any other cruise line.

Virtual Inside cabin

You also have a choice of an Ocean View Stateroom.  You will either receive a port hole orwindow.  Depending on the level of cabin you choose will decide on the size of the window.  These days with each of the cruise lines building newer and better ships the number of Ocean View Staterooms are fewer than what used to be available on the market.

ocean view cabin 3

If you are like me, I love the Veranda Stateroom experience with floor to ceiling windows.  I love how I have a little bit of outdoor space to myself that I can enjoy my cup of coffee first thing in the morning.  Or sit and relax after a busy day on shore with a glass of wine and watch us pull up anchor.  View the last of the island or European Port as it sails by and see if I can find that special stop that we made that day.

You again have many different choices of Veranda Staterooms as well.  Celebrity Cruises offer the AquaClass Staterooms with access to the AquaSpa and a Spa Concierge to arrange your spa treatments.

Veranda Cabin

If you are one that prefers a little bit of extra space to yourself, you may prefer the Suites and Mini-Suites that all of the cruise lines offer.  There is plenty of elbow room typically with the sitting room separate from the bedroom.  The Suites also offer more amenities and extra touches, such as preferred dinning, Elite Lounge Access with hors d’oeuvres or a complimentary cover charge into one of the Specialty Restaurants.  This is just to name a few extras.

This brings me to the Family Staterooms.  Many of us travel with our kids.  This may mean 1 or 2 children (what they call “the ideal family”).  However, there are families that wish to travel with 3 or more children.  These families find it hard when booking a Resort Holiday, when they are told that adjoining rooms are on a request.  This is not the way a family wishes to start their holiday.  Worrying about whether their children’s room will be down the hall or right next door.  On a cruise, this becomes much easier to guarantee.  You can choose from either a Family Stateroom or Connecting Staterooms.  I did not really grasp the concept fully when it comes to Family Staterooms and how fabulous they are until I saw the Family Stateroom for myself.  These rooms offer the comfort for mom and dad, knowing that their children are in the same space as they are but with the extra elbow room that a family needs.  They will typically sleep up to 6 guests with twin/queen convertible bed, pull out sofa and 2 pullmans (beds that pull down from the ceiling).  If your family needs a bit more privacy you can choose from suites, junior suites and 2-3 bedroom staterooms.  Lots of choice for families but these style of cabins need to be booked early!

The other detail you will wish to think about is the physical location of the cabin on board the ship.  On the large Ocean Liners many ships have anywhere between 10 and 18 decks.  Some are as long as 4 football fields.  So it is important to discuss the location of your stateroom in relation to what will be most comfortable for you.  If you have any challenge with walking you may wish to find a cabin located closer to the elevators.   If you are travelling with children you may prefer to be close to the kid’s program center.  Now when I say close this does not mean on the same floor or deck.  This would mean that if the activity center for the kids, teens is located at the back of the ship you will wish to look for a cabin located either in the aft or middle of the ship.

If you are prone to being a bit queasy on a boat or battle motion sickness then I would suggest we look for a mid-ship cabin location.  This would be relative to the forward and aft of the ship but also mid-ship in relation to the number of decks the ship has.  The more mid-ship your cabin is located the less motion you are bound to feel.  Having said this, all of the newest ships have the best technology on board that you will more than likely not even feel the movement.  I personally prefer the mid or aft ship location.  These areas I have found the least amount of movement.

We all have our own opinion as to which location is best for us.  You need to start first with the type of experience you are looking for and move forward from there.  Give me a call and I would be happy to help you narrow down your options.

The Cruise Professional – Ineke Palmer