Galapagos with Celebrity’s Xpedition

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What is on your Bucket List?

Do you have a bucket list or wish list?  I recently attended an event that inspired me to move one of mine to the top of my list!  The speaker gave me a look at the Galapagos Islands from a new perspective.  I always thought that to complete the trip I would have to give up on my comfort.  I learned that Celebrity Cruises offers an amazing ship with all of the comforts and inclusions of home.

The Celebrity Xpedition allows you to get close to the wildlife in a way that is very unique.  The ship is small enough to get into all the nooks and crannies but large enough to offer all the comforts of home.  With only 98 guests on board it allows you to get to know all of my fellow explorers.  You are able to explore as the early explorers did many years earlier but with the Modern Luxury for the Modern Explorer.CelebGalap island

You have the choice of 7 night cruises throughout the Galapagos Islands and easily pairs with a short land tour in Quito or pair it with Machu Picchu.  Your cruise is all-inclusive with onboard lectures, open bar and amazing meals.  You also have plenty of time to explore the islands with 2 excursions included per day.  When you pair the cruise with a land option in Quito your holiday includes the internal flight between as well as sightseeing in Quito.  No thinking is required.  All you need to do is look forward to your exploration!

The animals in the Galapagos have adapted to the Island’s topography and nature’s dictates.  For instance, you will find the only Sea Iguana that grazes from the bottom of the ocean rather than on land.

You will also see the Galapagos Tortoises who have a domed shell and their necks are longer than other species due to the fact their food source is located at a higher level.  Come see the Albatross and sea lions up close and personal.  The animals that make the Galapagos Islands their home are not afraid of humans.  This allows you to get much closer to these amazing animals than you would in other locations around the world.

Your access to shore excursions are all offered via zodiacs – this means that the size of your group is no larger than 16 passengers.  It feels like you are in an exclusive group and an amazing view.  Up close and personal.

Are you looking for a truly personalized service and unique high quality experience?  The Celebrity Xpedition is one of the larger sailing vessels offered in the Galapagos Islands.  This gives you a truly high quality mega-yacht experience with all the comforts you are looking for.

If you act quickly you may be able to take advantage of the last minute free flight promotions.  Let me know if you wish more information about this exciting destination.

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