Royal Caribbean’s Newest Ships

Quantum of Seas

The new Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas  from Royal Caribbean is changing the look of cruising.  It used to be that Dining in the Main Dining Room on board a ship meant you had a choice of 1st or 2nd Dining.  This was giving you a choice to eat at a set time, at a set table with your table members being the same every night.  They then introduced My Time Dining.  This offered you the flexibility of choosing the time you wished to dine in the Main Dining Room and with whom.  It is the same as you would experience going to your favorite restaurant as home.

Their new Dynamic Dining offers so many more choices than their choices of old. The Quantum of the Seas has introduced 5 Main Restaurants to replace the Main Restaurants of old.  Some restaurants are included in the initial cruise price where as others will incur a small fee.  There will no longer be the required dress for Formal Wear in the Main Restaurants.  The new “Grande” is the restaurant you wish to dine in if you are wishing to dress for dinner.  Here Formal Wear is required every night of the cruise.  But if you don’t wish to bring those extra dressy clothes you have many other options and you could eat at a different restaurant every night.  The dress code for many are Resort Casual.  And these do not include all the many other dining choices on board.  There are 18 tantalizing possibilities you can choose from.

On the Quantum of the Seas you will definitely wish to pre-book your all of your dining prior to sailing.  This ship is large and if you don’t wish to be disappointed you are best to start the pre-booking process early.  You can always make changes, depending on the availability, but at least you will have a great base to enjoy your cruise from.

This is just one of the exciting new and innovative aspects that Royal Caribbean has introduced on the Quantum.  This ship is dubbed the Smart Ship.  The technology is much more superior than any other ship.  You will be able to check in online from the comfort of your home.  Just print your boarding pass and you are ready to board.  You can also download a new app which you can then track your luggage online.

This newest ship will have the best internet connection on the high seas!  You have access to home style internet on board the cruise.  And no longer will you have to find your key for your cabin.  The WOW Bands will give you access to your cabin as well as the Smart Concierge.  This Concierge will help you keep in touch with the activities you have set up prior to cruising, such as spa appointments as well as your dining and excursions.

Part of the WOW experience is the Two70.  This Lounge lets you experience the newest in technology.  The windows are 3 decks high and during the day and night the floor to ceiling video screens (on robotic arms) will change your view and show innovative entertainment.

The Quantum of the Seas has many new activities to choose from as well.  Let me share a couple with you;

Ripcord – yes you can fly!  This is a sky-diving simulator that allows you to experience the sheer thrill and exhilaration of flying.

North Star – this jewel-shaped capsule gently ascends over 300 feet above sea level, where you can take in the breathtaking views of the ocean.  You will see your ship from an exciting new vantage point.

Seaplex – the largest indoor active space at sea.  It includes the first ever bumper cars at sea!

Bionic Bar – the first ever Robot Bar Tenders.  Have a robotic arm pour your next drink!

These are just some of the Dynamic changes that Royal Caribbean has introduced on their newest ship.  So this year the Quantum of the Seas and next year they will introduce the Anthem of the Seas.  I can’t wait to share so many more new experiences with you.  Call me when you are ready to set up your new and exciting cruise experience!

Until then – happy sailing!

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