Why Cruise?

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Congratulations!  Not only have you realized the importance of setting aside some much deserved getaway time for youself, but you’ve chosen the best vacation option around, a cruise!

Choosing your next vacation can be daunting, but I am here to help make those decisions easier.  I was a first time cruiser once and I understand the questions you may have, and I will endeavor to give you the answers you seek.

Why Cruise?

Cruising has it all and then some.  You can expect an all-inclusive experience on a cruise vacation.  Meaning that almost everything is included at a fixed price that you know of in advance.  The reason I love to cruise is that I only have to unpack once and I have the opportunity to see more than one destination on my vacation.  There are so many details on each ship to explore that you could stay busy for a full week and never wish to explore the destinations you are visiting.  The food is always over the top with many options and dietary needs in mind.  Here is a list of amenities that you will normally find included in the cost of your cruise.

  1. All your meals each day.  They will offer a special children’s menu as well as special dietary requirement.  Whether you wish the have a sit down meal or go to the buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Room service is available 24 hours a day on many ships.
  3. Access to all ship board facilities such as pools, casino, spa, gym, library, on-board lectures, onboard shops, interactive games, contests and much more.
  4. Daily supervised children’s activities program.
  5. Fabulous entertainment including Las Vegas or Broadway Style shows, nightclubs, lounges, movies, dancing and so much more.
  6. An opportunity to visit up close the destination of your choice.

Most cruise ships do not include the port charges and government fees, as well as the gratuities.  A suggested amount for the gratuities would be between 11.00-13.00 USD per person, per day.  On a 7 night cruise this could amount to 77.00 – 91.00 USD per person payable at the end of the cruise.  Keep in mind that these amazing people work very hard to give you the best holiday possible.  Shore excursions will also be an additional cost on some cruise ships as well as alcoholic drinks (wine, beer and spirits), soda’s and specialty coffee’s.

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